Plasma Energy Course

In this course we teach all there is to know about the plasma energy device and it’s aesthetics indications in an easy and practical way. You will learn that this non-invasive procedure is cabaple of a wide range of aesthetics treatments like skin tightening regeneration and rejuvenation, scar and skin lesions removal and transdermal drug delivery.

Face to Face  5
Location : Istanbul / Turkey

Spider Web Plus Course

The Spider Web Plus Course is where we teach you our revolutionary technique developed by Doctor B himself for incisionless face lift and skin tightning with PDO threads. Inspired by the spider web, the strongest and most elegant structure in nature, Doctor B developed the technique to be used as one of the alternatives for facelift surgery. 

Face to Face – Advance 5
Location : Istanbul / Turkey

Dermal Fillers Course

The Dermal Filler Course will equipt you with the knowledge to diagnose and treat your patient’s aesthetics complaints and needs with dermal fillers. B Academy’s special and didactic approach will make the attendees fully skilled and capable of creating beautiful, natural and propotional results everytime.

Face to Face  5
Location : Istanbul / Turkey

Lip Masterclass

B Academy online lip masterclass (ideal for those who have already trained in lip augmentation) is aimed at building a mental model in your brain that will leave you a confident expert in lip injecting techniques.

Online – Live Masterclass 50
05 December 2020 09.00 a.m GMT +3

Facial Dynamics Course – Botulinum Toxin

The Facial Dynamics Course teaches attendees all about the usage of the toxin. You will learn all the possible cosmetic applications of botulinum toxin and the latest techniques in medical aesthetics. Main topics covered in Botulinum Toxin course will be anatomy, indications, complications and technique.

Face to Face  5
Location : Istanbul / Turkey

Fox Eyes Masterclass

The fox eye masterclass offers an advanced theoretical and practical learning, including specific anatomy and techniques to achieve great results in your practice. The course offers comprehensive online instructions and as well as hands on lecture and demonstration via live connection.

Online – Live Masterclass 50
12 December 2020 09:00 a.m GMT +3

Incisionless Otoplasty Online Course

Incisionless Otoplasty method developed by Doctor B, which does not involve a surgical procedure. Our new non-incision otoplasty technique consists of only stitches at the back of auricle and performed under local anesthesia in 15 to 20 minutes. This simple and safe procedure stands out and most preferred among other techniques, as it can be completed in a short period of time and patients can return to their daily routine the next day.

Online – Live Masterclass 20
17 December 2020 09:00 a.m GMT +3

Nefertiti Neck Lift Online Masterclass

This online masterclass is for the experienced injector who wants to learn advanced procedures that encompass the entire face. This program will show you how to integrate botulinum toxin and dermal filler therapy for out standing facial aesthetic outcomes.

Online – Live Masterclass 50
19 December 2020 09.00 a.m GMT +3

Plasma Energy Online Course

Plasma energy is the basis of this procedure that ablates the skin with minimal damage to the surrounding tissue due to the qualities of the plasma energy. The non-invasive Plasma Pen is the best and safest way to use this energy in aesthetics procedures. It has a wide range of therapeutic uses without any actual cutting of the skin.

Online – Live 50
28 November 2020 09.00 a.m GMT+3

Aesthetics Medicine Fellowship

B Academy Aesthetics Medicine Fellowship aims to create and establish best practice standards and clinical excellence in Aesthetics Medicine. The Fellowship provides a way to create development of both expert knowledge and procedural skills.

Face to Face –   25
8-9 January 2021 – Location : Istanbul / Turkey
Total duration : 7 months – 2 days in every month