There is an incredible amount of variability in shadowing, but your time spent with Dr. Moret will be rich and engaging as she is incredibly accommodating, experienced and loves teaching.

Be prepared to learn !


One Day Shadowing Experience

Shadowing an experienced Medical Aesthetic Injector is the best way to learn more about the medical aesthetic field if you are thinking of a career in this industry, or if you want to take your skills to an entire new level of expertise. Whether you’re an experienced doctor or a recent medical school graduate, shadowing will give you a better understanding and a look into the detailed routine of a successful Aesthetic Doctor’s day.  It’s also a great way to gain familiarity with the different medical aesthetic specialties and procedures.

Shadow The Injector

Doctor Moret, an expert trainer and the head teacher of B Academy travels the world educating other doctors on safe practices, complications management and treatment, face harmonization, non surgical face lift with the world renowned spider web technique and many other special techniques in the art of natural-looking aesthetics. In the shadowing program you will observe how Dr. Moret interacts with her patients, performs consultations and procedures and even how she creates customized treatment programs.


Training Highlights

  • Live Demonstrations
  • 8 – 9 Hours of Individual Shadowing
  • Master the Art of the Consultation
  • Observe Advanced Injection Techniques of facial Harmonization
  • Observe Techniques of Spider Web
  • Observe the usage of many different technologies and machines used in a state of the art aesthetic medicine facility
  • Performing Profitable Follow Ups
  • Unmatched Training & Support
  • State-Of-The-Art Medical Facility
  • How to Manage Complications
  • How to Create Realistic Expectations
  • Pricing Structures & Add on Services
  • Certificate of Completion

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