About B Academy

We are an international institution that brings together all those who wants to receive workshops from the best instructors in the field of plastic surgery and medical aesthetics. Under the roof of B Academy we gathered all the knowledge we accumulated over more than 20 years in this field and made it ready to share with other like minded individuals eager to learn and improve themselves in a easy and practical way.



“I’ve completed my specialty training for the Plaxpot plasma device.Within the scope of this training, I learned not only how to use the device, but also how the device is effective and how it should be used, how and in what direction. This non-surgical Pl”

Hailey Reed

I have been hearing the Spider Web aesthetics for a long time and I thought that the only way to learn the details of this technique was to be taken by the institution that developed the technique and came here. The lessons and interests are extremely goo”

Matthew Fisher

“Organic hair transplantation is a groundbreaking planting technique. The subject of stem cell implantation takes the process of hair transplantation to another level.
What I learned on this course is to apply the skills and techniques I have gained to m”

Tonya Lopez