Aestheticstanbul is an innovative Plastic Surgery symposium featuring live surgery on various patients.

During the event, a number of selected patients undergo various operations in multiple sessions, surgery is streamed live to participants, and assessments are provided in an interactive manner, in the form of Q&A sessions. The objective here is to offer insight and inspiration to participants, provide details as regards the fields of expertise of plastic surgeons, and enhance the didactical value of the symposium.

A dynamic organization with an innovative vision and a mission of training and education, Aaheticstanbul strives to

  • Contribute to the future of aesthetic surgery by showcasing reality in a comprehensive, equitable and fair manner,
  • Highlight the major issues of plastic and aesthetic surgery so as to provide efficient training,
  • Make a presentation that reaches beyond limits in terms of top quality content, innovation and training in aesthetic surgery,
  • Streaming operations live, in keeping with ethical standards.

What did we accomplish?

Aestheticstanbul began in 2018 in Istanbul.

In the first meeting held in 2018, 17 plastic surgery specialists performed live surgery on 31 different patients.

The event gave the chance to watch aesthetic and plastic surgery operations live, and directly ask questions in an interactive manner.

It displayed innovative methods to aesthetic and plastic surgeons as well as surgery students.

Aestheticstanbul Symposium will continue to grow across the world.


Aesthetistanbul 2021 Registration

Aestheticstanbul 2021

Please click here for information and registration to Aesthetic Istanbul 2021. This year we have created a holistic program with hybrid sessions including live surgeries and webinars. This year as in the last years, the scientific committee has been formed by world-renowned surgeons and unlike the past year events, participants have a great chance to enjoy this unique symposium from whereever they are.During the symposium, the best world-class faculty from all around the world will bring us the most recent and successful surgical techniques.


Aestheticstanbul 2019


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Aestheticstanbul 2018


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